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*Description of Modalities



Medical Massage is geared towards relief of muscular pain. The focus is in finding the source of the pain and using different massage techniques to eliminate that source. The number of treatments needed vary depending on the muscular problem, its location, how long it's been present and the patients healing process.


An ancient healing art that uses the fingers to press key points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities.  When these points are pressed, they release muscular tension and promote the circulation of blood and the body's life force (sometimes known as qi or chi) to aid healing.


The use of essential oils (which are extracted from herbs, flowers, resin, woods, and roots) in body and skin care treatments is known as aromatherapy.  Used as a healing technique for thousands of years by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, essential oils aid in relaxation, improve circulation, and help the healing of wounds.


Bamboo stalks of varying lengths and diameters are rolled over muscles to provide deep tissue work.  The sticks are sometimes heated or essential oils are incorporated into the massage.  The massage itself promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic drainage and provides a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.


A short (15 - 20 minute) massage of a client sitting in a special, portable massage chair.  The client remains fully clothed and no oils are used while their shoulders, neck, upper back, head and arms are massaged.  On-site is popular at some offices as an employee benefit and for some conferences, workshops and certain social events.


A special arrangement that allows a couple to receive their massages at the same time, in the same room with two massage therapists.  The massage may be any type of massage such as Swedish, deep tissue, etc. Couple's massage is a wonderful way to share the power and benefits of massage.


Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, noninvasive method of evaluating and enhancing the function of a physiological body arrangement called the craniosacral system.  Developed by John E. Upledger, D.O., O.M.M., this manual therapy enhances the body's natural healing process and has proved effective in treating a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction.  The craniosacral system consists of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord.

Deep Tissue

Techniques which utilize deep tissue/deep muscle massage are administered to effect the sub-layer of musculature and fascia.  These techniques require more advanced training and a more thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology.  The muscles must be relaxed in order to effectively perform deep tissue massage, otherwise tight surface muscles prevent the practitioner from reaching deeper musculature.  It helps with chronic muscular pain and injury rehabilitation, and reduces inflammation-related pain caused by arthritis and tendonitis.  It is generally integrated with other massage techniques.

Hot Stone

A unique connection with nature, Stone massage involves the application of water-heated basalt stones of varying sizes to key points on the body, giving a deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth.  The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than regular massage.

Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop Therapy is a noninvasive for helping to correct defects in the curvature of the spine caused by viruses and bacteria that lie dormant there. Antimicrobial essential oils are used to reduce inflammation by killing the viral agents, thus bringing the body into structural and electrical alignment.


The ancient Chinese science of Reflexology is based on pressure being applied to the reflex zones of our foot,  There are hundreds of points on our hands, feet and ears which correspond with all the muscles and systems of our bodies.  Through calculated pressure, the corresponding point will experience relief, either from energy buildup or allow for replenishment to a depleted area.


Think of Reiki as an energy massage!  Translated as "universal life force energy", this gentle yet powerful and effective method was rediscovered in Japan in the early 20th century by Dr. Mikao Usui.  Reiki is both a form of bodywork and of energy medicine.  While it is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion.  Reiki will work whether you believe in it or not.  In a Reiki session, energy is transferred to your body through the trained practitioner's hands and sends direct healing energy to the major organs of the body..  There is very little pressure applied and very little manipulation.  Reiki has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and always creates a beneficial effect.


Used primarily for the serious athlete who trains continuously.  It focuses on the muscles relevant to the particular athletic activity.  It can also include pre-event, post-event and maintenance techniques that promote greater athletic endurance and performance, lessen chances of injury and reduce recovery time.


(a proper name, not a reference to Sweden) refers to a collection of techniques designed primarily to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones, and rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart.  The lymph system and veins (which carry blood back to the heart) both rely on muscle action, rather than heart pumping pressure, to operate.


(Kanj; Hiragana) in Japanese means "finger pressure", consisting of finger and palm pressure, stretches, and other massage techniques. Shiatsu practitioners promote it as a way to help people relax and cope with issues such as stress, muscle pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression.

Tokujiro Namikoshi (1905-2000) invented shiatsu and founded the first shiatsu college in 1940.Many shiatsu schools exist across the world and all incorporate elements of anatomy, physiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM).

Shiatsu is usually performed on a futon mat, with clients fully clothed. It can also be performed on horses and other animals.

Energy healing

Energy therapy focuses on removing energy congestion that forms in our energy fields (auras) and energy centers (chakras). It re-establishes healthy energy flow through opening, connecting and balancing the human energy system.

Healing touch

Healing touch is a compassionate form of energy therapy in which practitioners use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate your physical, emotional,mental and spiritual health and self healing.

Healing touch cancer support offers family centered support for those going through cancer and their family members who support them. For those who have been diagnosed with cancer it can be used to help the body with fatigue, stress, pain, anxiety, and the side effects of cancer treatments. For family members healing touch can help with the stress and anxiety of caring for their loved ones.

Go & Glow Skin Massage

In a hurry but would love to give your skin a quick pick-me-up and add a radiant glow to your appearance. Try our Go & Glow Massage. We will cleanse and exfoliate your skin to give it that refreshed look for your special occasion, interview, business meeting or just a night out.

Paraffin Hand Dip

Have you noticed your hands getting chapped in the cold winter air or dry and dull looking from too much summer sun. Maybe they feel a little achy from too much garden work or a little bit of arthritis is creeping into your joint. A Paraffin dip is a great solutions for those dry achy hands. Enjoy this add-on service while getting any facial.

Total Body Scrub

Do you have a desire for your skin to feel soft and clean then a Body scrubs is what you need. Using a gentle abrasive body scrub we will remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil from the outer layer of skin. This helps to unclog pores and expose your skin's underlying healthier layers

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