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*Foot Reflexology in a Himalayan Salt room

Lori Schwemmer has been in practice since 2010 specializing in Reflexology. She studied foot reflexology in Kulpsville,PA

Lori looks forward to sharing her knowledge and expertise as she will interact with new clients and students in the community.


Unwind body and mind! Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of reflexology in a salt room! Himalayan salt contains over 80 minerals that the human body needs.

*Relieves aches and pains

*Promotes self healing

*Improves cognitive health

*Improves metabolism

*Stimulates creativity and production

*Reduces stress and increases deep relaxation

*Improves circulation

*Helps eliminate toxins and impurities from the body

*Balances the whole system

*Revitalizes energy


We are living in an age where people are looking for alternatives to drugs in confronting stress-related health issues. One of these is Reflexology.

Because Reflexology brings total relaxation and stress reduction, it can compliment any health care work.

When the body is relaxed and the nervous system stimulated, healing has a perfect opportunity to take place.

Aside from all the many benefits of reflexology, it will instill an incredible sense of well-being, or, as most of my clients put it, "feeling great all over."


Come in as a first time client with Lori and receive a FREE foot bath, FREE aromatherapy plus take $5 off a 30 minute session and $10 off a 1 hour session in our Himalayan Salt reflexology room.


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