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Hypnotherapy for Adults
Using proven hypnotherapy strategies, you can help yourself make positive changes in your life!

When most people hear the words hypnosis or hypnotherapy, they think of stage shows where people seem to do things that are out of their control, but that's exactly what they are, shows for entertainment.

Hypnotherapy involves being a state of deep relaxation and focused consciousness.  It can help break undesirable habits and patterns and replace them with more positive and productive ones.  You are aware and awake the entire time and are fully in control of what is happening.  I am simply guiding you through the process and using the language to which your brain is most likely to respond, in order to make the changes you desire.

Some common things people use hypnotherapy for are:

*Eating healthier

*Exercising more

*Losing weight

*Stress relief

*Common fears, such as flying, public speaking, etc.

*Pain relief, such as during childbirth

*Being more organized or productive

*Reducing anxiety

*Having a more positive outlook on life

*Quitting undesirable habits and, such as smoking or eating sweets

Hypnotherapy for Children and Teens
Children and teens are wonderful candidates for hypnotherapy!  It is a completely safe, and often very effective way to help children with issues such as:

*Bed wetting





*Low self-esteem

*Time management and productivity

*Stress management

*Academic performance

*Sports performance


I also have two Master's degrees in Counseling and Psychology, which allow me to address deeper psychological concerns that may be contributing to un-wellness or undesirable habits or behaviors.


Starting in the Summer of 2017, I will be able to offer childhood regression and past life regression hypnotherapy.



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