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Ladies Detox Retreat

Since we have gotten so many inquiries on our detox retreats we decided to open this up to others. We will start with maximum 4 people per retreat and build up from there.

This location is Ocean City MD, 1 of our many locations. 
Check in: November 3rd 2018 at 10 am
Check out: November 6th 2018 at 6pm
What is included:
Relaxing environment
Wellness education
Light exercise
Lymph drainage
Dry brushing
Facial and body masks
Facial and body scrubs
Guided meditation
                   Herbal teas

Add ons at additional cost $35
                   Inflammatory protocol
                   Lymphatic protocol
                   Infectious disease protocol

                   Massage 30 minutes $25, 60 minutes $49

A collection of massage protocols to balance the body and create harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually within the body.

Each protocol focuses on a specific system and/or area of the body allowing for the targeting of the symptoms and underlying causes of many ailments and illnesses.

Price: $750. Bring a friend, pay $650 per person.


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