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everyBODY deserves natural soap!
Pascale's Soaps

I have noticed while using samples a beautiful, light but rich lather. It rinses off easily and without leaving any film on my skin. The ones with Essential Oils are heaven but even those without scents are very nice and enjoyable and offer Therapeutic benefits as well. Knowing what I put in them confirms that I am taking good care of my largest organ, which almost completes my overall health and wellness regimen. 

I am going to let my husband write the of the rest description, he wants every bar that I make lol.

'My showers are filled with (depending which soap I am using) scented bliss. I can tell while I am washing that it is not harmful to my skin, by the way it rinses away. It doesn't leave any sticky film on my skin.  When I am dried off my skin is not dry but smooth. That is the sign of a great soap. We men want that from our soap. Makes you WANT to shower and smell good for your sweetheart!'

My website is still under construction so to see the soaps, please visit my instagram page


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