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We appreciate all of our clients, and when they have something nice to say it truly touches our hearts. Thank you for all of your kind words, we can't wait to meet your expectations once again!

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"I was seeing a chiropractor because of a nasty fall. He put me in touch with Pascale. I truly believe the reason I'm walking as well as I am is due to Pascale's gifted hands! She knows the anatomy of how and where to massage to best advantage. If I had to be injured I'm glad I found her!

Martha H., Willow Grove

I met Pascale in massage class and let me tell you...she has found her calling. In class we practiced on each other and she always had awesome pressure and made me feel sooo relaxed. You can not go wrong if Pascale is working her 'Golden Hands' on you!

Deb B., Souderton

Soothing Escapes is the perfect name for Pascale’s business. When you walk into her office it feels as though you have escaped the world outside. As she talks to you and prepares for your massage, you can tell she really has an interest in not only what’s going on with your body, but who you are. You find yourself feeling comfortably assured that you will be receiving a wonderful therapeutic experience. Pascale was able to offer me healing hands through a life time of sports injuries, stress of work, travel and occasional self maintenance days. I felt comfortable, cared for and welcomed on her table.

Eric D., Philadelphia


I recently received a deep tissue massage from Pascale. I must say that the massage was excellent!! The professional way in which the massage was administered was exceptional. I have had many massages in my lifetime but this was the best. I slept well and feel wonderful. I Will never forget the healing effects after suffering lower back pain for many years. I would highly recommend this service.

Evans R., Philadelphia 


So I was looking up the word "amazing" in the dictionary and it had a picture of you rubbing the knots out of my back ;) same with the word "magical"

Bill and Monica M., N.E Philadelphia


I recently used Pascale's services & was very satisfied w/her professionalism & suitable prices. You should all try the ear candling for allergy problems, its very relaxing & also I got the body scrub before I left for vacation!! ;)

Melissa T., Willow Grove 


Simply an amazing Massage Therapist.  The atmosphere, the professionalism, the therapeutic process, and of course, Pascale herself, all make for the best massage experience that I have ever had. I have recommended her to so many people, and they have all said the same.  Always, always satisfied!
Ron J., Lansdale
A massage by Pascale is like kicking back on some far-off tropical isle, minus the airfare. Soothing, relaxing and oh-so peaceful. She is truly an extraordinary talent and gracious lady! Destress-- and give your sore muscles a treat!
Ed S., N.E. Philadelphia
I wanted to tell you how appreciative I am for your “Healing Hands!”.  When I visited you last I was in 98% pain.  The combination of my 2 bulging discs in my neck, myofacial shoulder/neck pain, and swollen painful trigger points had me in excruciating pain on that particular day.  I could barely function at work and was so thankful you created an opening for me that day to have a deep tissue/trigger point massage.

Your amazing hands instinctively knew exactly where the problematic trigger points were and you managed to skillfully release the tension built up in them (felt like they were the size of marbles when I arrived!).  You successfully eliminated all the painful knots in my neck and back and my shoulders too.  When the hour session was over I walked back to my car and had to sit for a minute because I could not believe I felt PAIN-FREE for the first time in ages.   I live in so much discomfort and pain with the neck/head pain on a regular basis that this euphoric pain-free feeling was so strangely wonderful to me.  I returned to my office that day and worked pain-free and had the most productive afternoon.  I went for almost 3 weeks with no pain after that massage.  As a result I decided that I need that therapeutic deep tissue massage at least every 3 weeks as a preventative measure to exist more pain-free!  THANK YOU AGAIN!!  You are more effective than any pain narcotic or medicine!

Barbara N.


My Indian scalp and neck massage was relaxing yet stimulating. My brain felt clear and open and I could sense a soft current of energy flowing to my fingers and toes....FABULOUS!

Carol S., Lansdale    


Beautiful treatment today at your LOVELY center!! Thanks for the loving care, relaxation and downtime. Really love the orange/ lavender blend!! Thanks for bringing some peace to my day!! Can't wait to visit again!

Roberta F., Lansdale


This place never ceases to amaze me. You offer the most complete wellness menu in the entire Tri-County area. Classes and products, massage and health coaching. Just a complete line-up of wellness and feeling good! No one even comes close!

Ron J., Lansdale

"Very nice and relaxing. Nice, natural products. I will go back to take advantage of one of their fall specials"

Susan Z., Lansdale


Love this place! If you're looking for a great massage experience and natural treatment options Lansdale Massage Therapy and Wellness is the place to go.

Merin V., Lansdale


Best massage I ever had. Look forward to future visits.

Caroline L., Lansdale


I had a detox body wrap and massage this past Thursday. Fantastic!! Never had a body wrap before...nice that it was all natural. Pascale's massage was one of the best I've ever had! This place is a true gem in Lansdale!!

Nancy W., Lansdale


Ambiance: The center is decorated in deep, rich colors with serene music throughout, and  the reception area is complete with a fountain trickling in one corner. You must try the leatherette chaise by the windows, it is so comfortable! I sometimes arrive early and just lie back and close my eyes to begin unwinding until my therapist is ready. I tend to get cold easily, but the heating pads on the treatment tables keep me cozy throughout my treatments. One of the rooms even has a fire place!

Services: The services I have received have always been fantastic. I've received therapeutic and hot stone massage, foot reflexology, and facials, all of which I've experienced elsewhere previously. I've also had a body scrub with detox wrap here. In my opinion, the services are of high quality and the customer service is warm and personal. To give you an example, I was hesitant about the body scrub because I have sensitive skin, so the therapist used a very gentle, herb-based scrub that the owner had made herself. It was gentle enough even for "my" skin!

Rae K., Lansdale 



I am so pleased with the care I receive at Lansdale Massage Therapy and Wellness. If you are thinking about trying to get relief from aches and pains, give yourself a gift and schedule a session with Pasquale. I am always happy I did and encourage you to concider a regular schedule for Therapeutic massage to maintain the progress you make gsining relief from the aches and pains which daily stress creates. No matter what the cause, try this and see how much better you feel.

Ilene B., Lansdale


"Very good scrub and massage, place is very calm, staff is very personable and thorough."

Jane K, Lansdale


"Hidden gem! Great personal service!"

Angie M., Telford


My wife and I came from Texas to visit the whole summer with our daughter and family in Lansdale. I knew I couldn't go the whole summer without massages, so I searched out a few of the places in Lansdale offering massages. Lansdale Massage Therapy and Wellness, from the time I entered the door seemed "the place." I wasn't dissapointed! I found Pascale to be not only friendly and pleasant, but also very adapt at making the body feel good again. Before I first went in June, I wasn't sleeping well or nearly long enough. The long trip from Texas didn't help. But after just a session or two, Pascale seemed to know exactly what to do to bring the old body back into shape. My sixth and final visit to her ( on my birthday in August) made me feel like the calendar had moved back a year instead of forward! I'd highly recommend her to anyone.

Thanks again, Pascale! I'm looking forward to coming again when we return to Lansdale for a visit!

Bob, Texas


Pascale, Thanks for giving me a little heaven on Earth today! The hot stone massage was AMAZING and restored my soul. The reflexology was a perfect ending. Looking forward to many more Massages. -Feeling peaceful.

Phoebe J, Philadelphia


Pascale's massage is, by far, the best massage I've ever experienced! I feel she truly connects with me and adjusts the pressure to the areas that need it more. She adds her personal style to the massage which makes it like no other I've had.

The wellness center also offers a relaxing environment for any treatment you choose. I'm thankful this great place is  only minutes from home.

Kathy L., Lansdale


"Thanks for the great massage, slept like no other time last night"

Ray L., Lansdale


Carol is fantastic! Her passion for body therapy (detox wrap, foot reflexology, body scrub etc.) is demonstrated through the amazing service she provides. Her genuine passion for holistic body care shines through her work.

Angie M., Telford.


What a calm and peaceful atmosphere! I had a full body scrub and it was the most relaxing experience! Definitely will be a return client! Thank you Carol!

Andria M., Lansdale.


Last week out of the blue, I could not lift my arms without great discomfort, to take off a sweater over my head or pull it on was so painful. I could not recall lifting anything heavy. Yet I was convinced I must have injured myself. My shoulders were in great pain. The pain traveled down my arms. Pascale knew exactly what to do. She massaged the area and suggested cupping.

That night and a day later I was feeling the discomfort from the treatment. Today I cannot believe how much better I feel! My right shoulder is almost completely healed and my left shoulder is close to feeling as good as my right side. I am amazed at how quickly I feel better. Again and again Pascale has known what to do to bring me back to feeling healthy. I write this in hopes that someone who is searching for a very skilled massage therapist would read this and not have to look any further.

I have to add the soaps sold at the Wellness center are wonderful! They last a long time! I see no reason to shop for soap anywhere but here. Next I will try the all purpose cleaning solution. And if you need it, Biofreeze is extremely effective, I am so glad I resisted the urge to take Advil the day of and the day after my massage and cupping. If I did I would not have realized I did not need to! Thank you so much Pascale.

Ilene B., Lansdale


 Thank you Lansdale Massage Therapy and Wellness, LLC - Pascale's massage was the best one ever !!! This past Saturday, I had my very first hot stone message...what a great experience. They also, have lots of different products for sale.

Check out their website and Facebook page for more information and schedule your appointment, today! 

You will be glad you did.

 Louise K., Lansdale


You need to go here!! The atmosphere is peaceful and lovely, the massages superb and the staff is just awesome.

Jodi B., Lansdale


I have been going to Pascale for upper body massage for SEVERAL years now and it is the first time in years that I have no shoulder pain. She is a miracle worker! Very professional! Wish that I could afford to buy everyone I know a gift certificate to go there!

Marna R., Lansdale


Not just a massage, but an experience! From my first step in the door Lansdale Massage Therapy and Wellness is a wonderful place and I cannot wait to return. Pascale gave me the most wonderful massage. I feel renewed and regenerated! I will be recommending this wonderful place to all my friends and family. Thank you Pascale!

Kimberly J


Had A chance to meet Carol Stella @ my local fitness center where she was doing a reflexology demo & I've been a customer ever since!!! Her skills & techniques are absolutely Amazing & provides a fantastic facility & professional & outstanding customer service!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER, for my girlfriend & I will be a lifetime customer.

Kenny D, Lansdale


Absolutely 5 stars. I had two problems going on with my back-- upper and lower back -- and was in pain for several months. It hurt to sit or lay down or stand. Ice, Advil, stinky pain cream, chiropractics.... But the chronic pain was steady and disrupting my work and my recreation, so I was hoping it was a muscular issue that could be resolved with therapeutic massage because I didn't just want to take muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. 

My massage therapist in the area wasn't available. Do I take a chance on a massage therapist I don't know making it worse or hurting me? I read a ton of reviews online and I decided to make an appointment with Pascale. I liked that I could call or schedule online. All the modalities were clearly described. From what I read on the website, it seemed that their commitment was to promoting wellness through massage and bodywork with the utmost professionalism. 

The current space is small but well-organized and serene. (They are moving to where Rapunzels used to be on Broad Street in May 2016).  I was checking nooks and crannies as I waited, and the shop is very clean. Everyone I've met there was warm and friendly.  When you go there, it's all about you. 

I've been getting my massages by Pascale (but Jess has helped me and was wonderful). She made sure I was comfortable and the pressure was ok. While I was still in pain, she explained each technique and what she was going to do so I could relax. She used several techniques I've never experienced before, and I've been getting massages for many years.  I wondered "Is that going to do anything?" She managed to be very effective without hurting me.  I was shocked -- and that's not an exaggeration -- how much mobility I gained after the first massage. 

I appreciated that services were not pushed on me and they try to keep the prices affordable. There are monthly specials. I'm going back for my 5th visit because the care I received has been consistent.  I highly recommend Lansdale Massage Therapy and Wellness.  Give them a try.... But leave a time slot for me!  

Thank you, ladies!

Lisa D, North Wales


Staff is friendly, attentive and professional. The space is small, but cozy, very clean and welcoming. Prices are good! 

I found this place online, doing a search for something close to home. I sent an email asking for availability and surprisingly received a response right away (from the owner). We were able to get an appointment for the next day.

Our appointment was for a couples massage. We were greeted by the owner, and asked to fill out the standard forms. Our massage therapists (?) came out to greet us and were very friendly. They confirmed a few things on the form (pressure, pain points, etc) and led us to the room. The room was smaller, but cozy and warm. They gave us instructions and left for a few minutes while we got ready. 

The massage itself was perfect, with just the right amount of pressure. Jessica would check periodically to make sure things were going well. Previous massages I've had, the massage therapist has been chatty, not this time. It was relaxing and comfortable. 

After our massage, the owner gave us some water and asked how everything was while chatting with us for a short while. She informed us they will be moving into a bigger space around the corner May 1 (2016), and told us of upcoming events and specials we may be interested in. She asked if we'd like to be added to the email list (which we agreed). 

I enjoyed my massage very much and I am excited about the upcoming events and specials. I will for sure be back for more massages, and I can't wait to see the new space!

Jeannine F. Lansdale


My husband and I recently went to this spa for a couples massage. The spa has a very intimate setting and is very clean! The staff was friendly and the experience was great! We both left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! To top it off their prices are very good compared to other spas. We will be back!

Rebecca R, Lansdale


I really like it here-- it's small but there are benefits of a small place.  They know you by name, remembered my birthday when I went in for the half day of beauty- they do all different types of massage-I would recommend to anyone and will continue to go! Check it out!

Kerri A, North Wales


Ladies you must go and let Pascale massage all of your stress away! Before my massage I was in pain & after the Hot Stone massage therapy I was transformed to my Happy Place my ying & yang are now back in sinc.The atmosphere was beautiful along with the
sounds of nature playing & scents of the essential oils being rubbed with MAGICAL HANDS. Ahhhhhhhhhhh I
know where I'll be going monthly to the Master 
Masseuse. THANKS For the Healing therapy.

Phoebe J, Philadelphia


A visit to Lansdale Massage Therapy and Wellness is like a mini-vacation. The environment is quiet and relaxing. Pascale is wonderful at what she does - her massages are perfect and her lovely personality complements the experience.

Sally M, Lansdale


Absolutely positively FABULOUS experience. I would recommend HIGHLY!

Marie PD, Willow Grove


"Pascale is an amazing massage therapist! She is trained in numerous modalities, so you can have a relaxing spa massage or a nice deep tissue massage with trigger point therapy. She is very professional in every aspect of the business. Her personality is very warm and caring. Hands down the best therapist around!"

Jennifer K, lansdale


 "Pascale is able to bring healing and relief to any pain of mine, be it chronic or acute pains. She has been my therapist for five years. I usually request therapeutic massage. At one time she suggested cupping which I found a beneficial tool to further pinpoint the areas where most of the pain accumulated. She is naturally intuitve aand knowledgeable. I highly reccomend her. Five stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- "

Ilene B, Lansdale


I had terrible hip pain for over 3 years. There were many things I couldn't do without pain even sleeping. I had been to a orthopedist who said it was my back. Then after some time I saw another orthopedist after Xray and MRI he said it was my lower back after I repeatly told him my pain was in the hip. He suggested pain management which I didn't want to do and PT which was too painful. I was getting discouraged. I thought I would have to deal with the pain forever. I gave one more orthopedist a try. He said, after only an xray, I would need a hip replacement in the near future the bone in my hip joint was wearing down. An answer! First cortisone injection and PT to strengthen the hip area. The injection took the bone pain away but not the other pain I still had. I tried physical therapy too painful. I figured I would try massage to help with the extreme muscle tightness in my back. So I called Lansdale Massage and Wellness Center (they were the one that kept coming up in my search) a very nice woman answered I started to explain what was going on thinking she would have no idea what I was talking about. Well..was I wrong she knew everything about what I was going through even the pain I couldn't explain she knew! Because she also has the same issues with her hip. She told me I need to come in and she would personally take care of me (I didn't know she was the owner) I was skeptical but I figured it can't hurt. When I walked into the spa Ahhh the smell was wonderful so serene, beautifully decorated. I met Pascale. She explained the Medical Massage. I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN to tell you how I felt after that hour + When I got up my pain was almost completely GONE! I told Pascale that night I actually cried. I slept in my bed no pain! I have been going back for mantience visits but I am all good. I tell Pascale every time I see her how grateful I am. Pascale you are a miracle worker a master of your craft a beautiful person on the inside and out. Ooh and her oils and soaps unbelievable. Me and daughter absolutely love your patchouli soap.

Nina D.V, Lansdale


This place is a relaxing paradise. Pascale, the owner, takes extra time with all clients to find out anything you need or like or what may be bothering you. She is a calming person who takes extra care. I came in with numbness and tingling in my arm and she worked with me until we resolved the issue. The rooms are set up in the most relaxing environment including essential oils for calming and twinkle lights with drapery on the ceiling so you are not just staring at tiles. The prices are very appropriate and not expensive for all the services. The owner is highly trained in many forms of massage and also makes her own soaps, lotions, and bath products. Although I have moved out of the area, I make sure to make the drive down to see Pascale cause it is always worth it.

Maureen G., Glenside,PA


This is an amazing place coming back very soon. It was relaxing, calm and stress free. It was quiet, relaxing and most of all the massage was so helpful. I am going to recommend this to everyone.

Danielle W., Lansdale


I can highly recommend Pascale after she put my back right after I strained it and trapped some nerves. I had initially gone to a local chiropractor but the sharks wanted to charge me $3k for 32 sessions!
It took Pascale two sessions to put me right and all for the princely sum of $120.
If you have have any muscle pain you should consider this place to help you out.

David F., Lansdale


Unbelievable oasis in the heart of Lansdale. Went to get treated for tight muscles and painful back from playing soccer. Pascale chose a treatment plan based on what I needed. She did not only offer deep tissue massages, but taught me several stretches to help negate the need for prolonged treatment. The facility itself is spotless, with a relaxed, friendly environment.
Yes, there is a potential that your appointment may be slightly delayed, but that is due to the fact that Pascale does not clock-watch, and instructs her clients to take their time after the massage is done. Have recommended this facility to all my friends and clients.

David K., Lansdale


I had a relaxing interlude at Lansdale Massage Therapy and Wellness yesterday.  I've been having very successful massages there with Pascale for a  year and a half.  Yesterday's visit, however,  took me to a new level of tranquility.  I took advantage of a special rate for 3 services.  First was a 20 min steam room session, which began the calming process.  Then I wrapped up in a luxurious robe and went to the salt room for a half hour session of deep vibration that really takes one to Heaven. What a wonderful way to get even the deeper muscles to calm down and to increase blood flow to problem areas.  This was a marvelous experience.  Finally, Pascale gave me a 30 min massage to concentrate on my trouble spots.  The rooms are tranquil and gorgeous and personnel are skillful and professional.  I left the spa in a glow of well being.  I'm returning next week for another adventure in wellness!

Janet O, Lansdale


Lansdale Massage Therapy and Wellness are an amazing gift to me and our community. Pascale, the owner, listens and takes time to help each client achieve better health and quality of life. When I first met her my husband had to bring me in with a wheelchair. Combining her knowledge of Essential Oils, with the Himalayan Salt Room, detox package, and different massage modalities along with my doctors at Thomas Jefferson and a chiropractor my life has improved so much in the past 6 months. I no longer need a walker at home and I only need my wheelchair for very long outings. I also have systemic Psoriasis and the body scrubs and body butters from Pascale were the only thing I haven’t been allergic to. Normally during flu season I am sick and in the hospital. With sessions in the salt room and oils for my breathing my Pulminologist is very impressed with how well I did. Only one stay and it was only 3 days not a week. - So weather you just need to unwind from a stressful week, you just want to pamper yourself or you have health issues this is the best place in town.

Tricia M, Lansdale


My sister and I came here this past Saturday and what a wonderful experience we had. We were a bit early for our salt room appointment and the people who had an appointment before us were late so the owner gave us a complimentary half our in their inferred sauna which was great! The only small complaint that I have is I wish the rooms were a bit more sound proof. While we were in the salt room which initially felt like such a calming, healing environment became extremely loud when a group of young ladies came out from a birthday party we only had about 10 minutes left so it wasn’t to bad and I’m sure they were super excited! Other then that what a great little spa! I can’t wait to make my next appointment!

Jessica P., Lansdale


Subject: testimonial!

    Hey, I wanted to share some of my experience with the people who are out there in pain. I was in a major roll-over car accident in 2014 and shockingly I walked away after a visit to the ER. I had soft tissue damage which caused inflammation and pain that began to consume my life. I have a physical job and I am active normally but the debilitating migraines grew to 2-3 per WEEK. My medical plan didn't even cover medication to get me through the week. Driving became torture every time I needed to turn my head to change lanes or visualize traffic in an intersection. Doing my hair and makeup was a miserable chore. I plowed through the doctor appointments, physical therapy sessions, epidurals, facet blocks, and nerve ablations hoping each time it would provide the pain relief I needed to get through daily life. After 5 YEARS of this I was defeated, depressed and angry that modern medicine failed me miserably. My spouse supported my rat race of medicine but kept encouraging me to see his massage THERAPIST. After a particularly "bad" week I had my first appointment with  Pascale at Lansdale Massage. I recall thinking: well, it certainly can't hurt and maybe I will feel a bit better for a few hours. I remember lying there with my neck and shoulders feeling like a block of concrete. We talked and talked as she gradually worked, as the tears of intense pain being forced out flowed. She said "its OK, just let it out." She gave me recommendations to start healing and I scheduled my next appointment. I was shocked how the pain subsided and I actually felt pretty good for a couple of days. It was then that I realized the chronic pain forced me into a dark hole. My next appointment also brought me to tears but not nearly as bad. Pascale said "breathe, breathe, its like giving birth, you'll be okay." Yes, the muscle spasms were that intensely painful.I recall one day I had a migraine take over while at work. I was sitting in a dark room in intense pain when I called Pascale. She said to come right in. I don't remember the hour drive to the studio, but I do remember my amazement! I left the studio in ZERO pain! My migraine was GONE!  Again, I had pain relief! It lasted longer each time and she then recommended adding in essential oil therapy. Being a medical professional myself, I never heard of this therapy for actually "HEALING" your body, nor did I have confidence it would work. I started a "modified" protocol for inflammation since I live an hour away from Lansdale and I have a brutal work schedule. After 2 months of treatment I felt significantly better and the migraines were rare- like 2 per MONTH!! At that point in my life I began experiencing hot flashes, like 8-12 times per day. Like most women I turned to a natural "supplement". After 1 week the hot flashes were even worse! I even asked my doctor about medical management. Pascale recommended an essential oil protocol to treat them. I started the protocol and after just two weeks I saw dramatic improvement. Now it has been 7 weeks and they are GONE! I truely feel Pascale has a healing gift through massage and the addition of essential oils takes this mechanism to a whole new level. I never thought I would have MY body back. I never thought alternative medicine could heal MY body. Now, I am living proof that pain relief and healing are a REALITY!

In sincerity,

Margaret S
Orr's Flooring


 I am so thankful I found Pascale! I have had head, neck and shoulders pain for years.  I tried PT which caused more pain.  I have been going to a chiropractor for over 2 year and after having 2 medical massages from Pascale I couldn’t believe my daily pain was actually going away.  I honestly can not put into words how amazing it is to not have pain.  Not being in daily pain has improved my sleep, posture, and overall happiness.  I highly recommend and thank Pascale, she is very professional and truly makes you feel cared for, comfortable and completely relaxed.  Pascale you are amazing, thank you!

Christy P. Lansdale 



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